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Prepared for: Bob LaCroix
Morristown Gun Club

September 17, 2020

Website Care Plan


Bob LaCroix has approached Joshua Vandercar at Typewheel to migrate and maintain a website at morristowngunclub.com.


Typewheel’s ability to oversee certain features of this site depends on our ability to host and maintain the site. Thus, Typewheel recommends an ongoing relationship wherein which Typewheel will provide hosting and maintenance services for the website.

Project Scope

Project scope will be limited to migration of website and deployment of additional tools for ongoing care (specifically security and performance) of the websites provided by Typewheel.

Maintaining the Site

Once the website has been migrated, Typewheel will employ proven tools to ensure your site is updated, optimized, and secure. Ongoing maintenance via Typewheel Publisher services include:

  • annual domain registration w/ DNS management (optional)
  • web hosting
  • SSL certificate issued by LetsEncrypt
  • login protection via two-factor authentication
  • security services that check for and protect against breaches to the site
  • regular backups of the website’s database and files
  • regular updates of site software
  • uptime monitoring

Project Timeline

I offer the following timeline for completion of the project within one month from the date we commence with an agreement.

Groundwork (1 week) is when we:

  • allow necessary account access to Typewheel
  • request transfer of domain registration (if desired)

Website Migration (1 week) is when we:

  • migrate WordPress website to new servers
  • reconfigure website DNS records
  • install and configure care plan tools (security, backups, uptime monitoring, etc.)

Financial Investment

Website migration will be included in the ongoing Typewheel Publisher care services, Morristown Gun Club will pay $20 per month for which service is rendered. Monthly, quarterly, or annual payments can be made. Typewheel Publisher services begin on the day when we’ve mutually agreed on a contract by show of our signatures.

Next Steps

To proceed with this project, you would take the following steps:

  1. Accept this proposal by requesting a contractual agreement from Typewheel for your review or discuss desired changes.
  2. Accept the contractual agreement as is by signing and submitting to Typewheel or discuss desired changes.

Once these steps have been completed we will begin to move the project forward. You may find these Frequently Asked Questions of interest. If you have other questions, please let me know.

Thank you for your consideration of Typewheel services,
Joshua Vandercar

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